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I love this, it's such a cute game 5/5! I can't wait for the full game to be released. It's also really funny, love the "don't think of it as tree blood but as delicious tree blood" thing in the shop!

I LOVE THIS! I did a video that I'm going to upload soon. I'll put the link here once it's ready. This game is so great so far though!

Thanks so much. We're excited to see your video when it's uploaded. :)

I feel bad that it took so long to get back to this! I had to rerecord, but my view on this game stays the same! Still love it!

This is wonderful. We're so excited you enjoyed the game. It was really fun watching your video. Nice work and thanks for the support! :)

Wow this is really cool. I also played at the Science Center. I only have played demos though... :(

Neat! Just finished the game, I like the art style.

Just gave the game a play. It's really cute. Looking forward to more.

I did a video for it, as well.


Thanks so much for playing, glad you enjoyed the demo! And thanks for doing a video, it's always super fun to see how people react to the game even in this super early stage. Hoping to add a bit more to the demo in the next few weeks after some more play testing.